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Andrew near Hartwick Park in Perry Township, Ohio.

Andrew Hettinger

Andrew is a 7 time marathon finisher, with more than 15 half marathon medals. He started smoking cigarettes at age 18, and continued the habit longer than he’d care to admit. With years of self-trained running experience, Andrew has a very well-rounded level of running expertise. From designing his own training plans in his early years of running, to designing training plans for others.

Andrew spent many of his early professional years training and developing individuals in various fields, and while mistakes were admittedly made, he hopes to take those lessons and marry them with his passion of running.

Of the three coaches at Rust Belt Running, Andrew is the most likely to tell you take a rest day… And don’t call Andrew “Coach”.

Coach Adam somewhere near his parent’s vegetable garden

Adam Wheeler

Working as a run coach is really a marriage of two of the things Adam is most passionate about—running and coaching people to reach their goals, and he brings over a decade of experience with both to Rust Belt Running.

Adam has almost twenty years of combined experience as a youth and high school soccer coach, helping teams win conference and district titles, and coaching over 100 individual players of all skill levels to all-conference, all-district, and all-state honors.

Adam began running in 2011 and has since run 13 half marathons, with a PR of 1:26:48, and five marathons, including three BQ’s, with a PR of 3:03:10. 

Adam is energized to work with his athletes, setting goals with them, and helping to build fitness and confidence, all while celebrating the highs and learning from the lows that define the training process.

Matt running in the rain on a track Wednesday.
Matt running in the rain on a track Wednesday at Norton High School.

Matt Martin

Matt ran cross country and track in high school, but fell out of the sport until picking it up again in his late twenties, mainly to try to get in shape enough to keep up with his two boys. After his first marathon, he became enamored with the training process and began to continue to look for ways to improve. Since then, he has completed 7 marathons – including 2 Boston Marathons, with a PR of 2:42:45. He also has a 2 ultra-marathon victories under his belt. Matt lives in the Akron area with his wife Steffi (who also has a BQ to her name) and his two sons, Oliver and Vincent.

Matt is excited to help athletes of all levels come up with a customized training plan to achieve their goals, and most importantly, having FUN with it!

Each Coach has completed the Running Coach certification through United Endurance Sports Coaching Academy.

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