So, you’d rather train with friends?

Create Your Own RBR Team!

Creating your own RBR Team allows you to combine the community and camaraderie of group training, with the intimacy and attention of individual training.
So grab some of your favorite running buddies, and create a team of two to five people. We will get you ready together to work towards your goals.

The goal with your Team is to create just that, a TEAM! With training designed with the team goal in mind, we will work together over 16 weeks to get the entire team where they want to be. So this isn’t your typical “group training”, this is personalized training with your team’s goals and needs in mind.
From a Team Captain, to a team name, the goal is to add the team and group element to the individual training we already offer. There’s no more asking “How long is your long run this weekend?” or wondering what each other’s speed work is. You all get to follow the same plan together.

We don’t want you to join our team, we want to join yours!

What You’ll Get:

– The same personalized training as your team. No more asking “what’s your long run this weekend”. But again – this training will be tailored for your team, not one size fits all.
– A group chat with your team and coaches to hold each other accountable, providing motivation, and share stupid GIFs and memes.
– An initial consultation to discuss goals and the plan for the training block. Monthly check-ins as a group, just as you would typically get with our individual plan.
– *What’s a team without a sweet Race Day Kit? We gotchu. We will provide you and your team with matching shirts or singlets, your preference. You’ll have our sweet Olive Branch logo on the breast of your shirt or singlet, and we will throw your team name on the back!

*Must complete 16 weeks, or four months, of training to qualify for Race Day Kits. Kits will be decided on during the three month check in, and produced and sent in time for race day. Various brands and styles will be given as options.
**Pictures only given as examples. They do not necessarily reflect the actual product that will be offered.

Rust Belt Running – Teams Pricing

Prices are per person

Two members – $100/month

Three members – $90/month

Four or Five members – $80/month

We currently are not offering more than five members, but if you are looking for a larger team please contact us and we will see if an exception can be made.

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