Join Team Rust Belt Running

Coaches Adam and Andrew after the finish of the 2022 Columbus Marathon.

Work Hard.
Look, we want to help you get faster and have more fun running. But this isn’t a cheat code of any sort. Joining us is a commitment you are making to yourself to accomplish goals, and that takes a commitment to hard work.
Play Hard.
We all are on this journey of running because we enjoy it. This is something that can be difficult to remember in a sport that is so taxing physically and emotionally. While we take our coaching and planning very seriously, we never forget to have fun, and make sure our athletes don’t either!
Get Hyped.
Celebrating the work alone is fun, but sharing in that excitement is better. We want to share those accomplishments with you.

Join us in 2023!

“I would highly recommend the Rust Belt Running team to anyone who is looking for a calm, cool, collected coach who will listen to your needs and help you get to where you need to be without pushing you over the edge.”

Jackie Cygleman – Charter Member of Team Rust Belt Running

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Team RBR – Individual – $120 per month

No two runners are alike, and your training shouldn’t be either! Our individual and personalized coaching will provide you with weekly or bi-weekly (your preference) training plans.


Three months at once – $85/month (due in one sum up front)

Are you looking for personalized plans without all the additional communication? Do you feel experienced enough to follow the plan, listen to your body, and keep yourself accountable? This option may be the one for you.

A very no-frills approach, we will do a one time consult with you at the beginning. After this consultation we will supply you with three months of workouts to help you get to your goal.

With this option, there is no further communication available.

Base Building Plan – $50 per month

This plan is designed to help people in the off season, building back from injury, or starting running from scratch.

With this plan, we will do a one time consultation and develop a one month plan for you base build to keep you healthy and develop strength, preparing you to enter a full training cycle.

This plan is largely self guided, and not intended to get you to peak condition and prepared for a race. It is intended to help with off-season motivation and injury build-back.


One-time free Consultation

Unsure if we are the coaches for you? Want to ask a few more questions before committing? Sign up with us and just let us know you want to talk, and we’ll be happy to try and steer you in the right direction.

Got questions about coaching? Fill out these little boxes here, and we’ll be happy to type things back to you!