Join Team Rust Belt Running

Coaches Adam and Andrew after their finishes at the Pittsburgh Marathon and Half Marathon

Work Hard.
Look, we want to help you get faster and have more fun running. But this isn’t a cheat code of any sort. Joining us is a commitment you are making to yourself to accomplish goals, and that takes a commitment to hard work.
Play Hard.
We all are on this journey of running because we enjoy it. This is something that can be difficult to remember in a sport that is so taxing physically and emotionally. While we take our coaching and planning very seriously, we never forget to have fun, and make sure our athletes don’t either!
Get Hyped.
Celebrating the work alone is fun, but sharing in that excitement is better. We want to share those accomplishments with you.

As we begin our journey with Team Rust Belt Running, we want you to as well.

RBR Pilot Program – $50 per month*


Join us as our first athletes! We are taking our years of experience and education to help runners all over achieve their goals in running. Whether it’s your first 5k or tenth marathon, we are prepared with advice and knowledge to help you set and meet goals.

No two runners are alike, and your training shouldn’t be either! Our individual and personalized coaching will provide you with weekly or bi-weekly (your preference) training plans.

This service will include a virtual New Athlete Consultation at the beginning of your services, and a virtual monthly check-in. Our lines of communication will be open as well through our messaging and training apps, as well as email.

As part of the Pilot Program, you get to be part of a small group of athletes, about 1/10th of the full roster we’ll open later. You also get to take advantage of a very reduced rate vs. what will be offered in the future. This reduced rate will be valid through November 2022.


*Price is through November only. Price will jump to standard tier pricing in January automatically. We will not charge or coach in December, unless you are training for a race that requires full training during that month. We won’t leave you empty handed though, outlining some training and goals on the house for that month.

Coming Soon!

For now, we are 100% focused on our Pilot Program.

Once we feel we’ve worked out all of the kinks with our systems and the two coach dynamic, we will open our different personalized coaching tiers.

Just as marathon training takes practice and baby-steps, so does starting a new business. We don’t want to run the race before the training is complete.

Got questions about coaching? Fill out these little boxes here, and we’ll be happy to type things back to you!